Disrupt Multiplayer Development


Revolutionary Deterministic Engine for Fast Paced Realtime Multiplayer Action Games.


Circle Membership


Your entry point to disrupt the way multiplayer games are built. Get access to Quantum’s SDK, top-level support and a comprehensive package to build the next multiplayer hit game at warp speed.


Quantum Access & 500 CCU:


  • 5 Developer Seats per access subscription
  • 7 Game Demos Including Source Code
  • 3 VR Demos Including Source Code
  • 8 Tutorials in Video
  • Exclusive Support Channel on Discord



1 Month Free Trial


Studios and talented indie devs with a decent track record are invited to get their hands on a full-featured Quantum trial including top support.


Photon PREMIUM Cloud


Our worry-free service with maximum flexibility,
for up to 50,000 CCU, whenever you need more than the 500 CCU included in the access subscription.

Per  CCU
Invoiced based on monthly usage.
$ 0.50   3 GB

Autoscaling ensures that required CCU capabilities are always provided automatically. Fair and transparent usage-based billing per CCU and GB.

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The Photon Enterprise Cloud provides you with a dedicated cloud environment for multiple, high CCU titles. Guaranteed service levels and plugins for server authoritative logic make it the trusted choice for the world's top studios.

  • Unlimited Titles
  • SLA (incl. Uptime & Response Time)
  • Priority Support & 24x7 NOC
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Server Authoritative Logic via Plugins
  • Premium Dashboard and Counters

Contact us for options and further details on enterprise plans.



Access Subscription

The Access subscription is needed to access Quantum's SDKs, the online documentation and exclusive support via Discord. The included CCU are for one app only and cannot be combined with other plans or split-up across different apps.


A seat represents a single user license allowing to use Quantum. Multiple seats allow users to work together on projects Each seat is directly assigned to a specific Photon user account and cannot be shared inside an organization.

Concurrent Users (CCU)

The number of users allowed to connect to your application is defined by its CCU. For plans the CCU total is defined by the sum of peaks for all regions.

Sample Month: EU peak 420 CCU, US peak 230 CCU, Other regions 0 CCU — CCU total = 420 + 230 = 650, matching 1000 CCU plan.

CCU Burst, Overage

We allow you to temporarily burst your CCU limit, so you don't have to worry about losing users. After your first burst you have 48 hours to upgrade your plan before your app will be capped.
For burst the CCU count is defined by the peak of CCU across all connected regions.

Traffic Calculation

The included traffic is calculated from plan CCU and included traffic. All incoming and outgoing messages to the Photon Cloud servers count towards the traffic limit. Overage fees apply to traffic exceeding that limit - see table above.

Sample: 100 CCU plan * 3 GB incl. per CCU = 300 GB included traffic.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

We assume, as rule of thumb and based on our experience, 1 CCU to match 20 daily active users (DAU). Each DAU translates to 20 monthly actives (MAU).

One-Time Plans

One-time plans apply for one application and for a lifetime of 12 months , no recurring fees. One-time CCU add to any monthly plan, e.g. 100 + 500 = 600 CCU in total.


For optimum round-trip-times your application can connect the nearest region we host in. Choose from multiple regions around the globe.

Down- and Upgrade at any Time

Downgrade and upgrade subscriptions at any time. New CCU are operative immediately. Fees from the former paid plan are automatically pro-rated. Cancellations take effect end of month.

Support and SLAs

All packages include free forum access and e-mail support. Contracts with guaranteed service levels, priority email and phone support are available with enterprise plans on request.

Still Questions?

Drop us a line to get an answer :) developer@photonengine.com