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Groundbreaking Deterministic Multiplayer Engine

Photon Quantum is the only 100% deterministic multiplayer game engine on the market. Creating multiplayer games becomes as easy as developing a local multiplayer title: No netcode, everything is networked by default and 100% in sync.

Features for Global Mega-Hits with Predict/Rollback

How Quantum works

No Netcode – Multiplayer by Default

With Quantum, you can create a multiplayer game without writing any netcode. Just create a single simulation with multiple connected players, similar to developing a local multiplayer experience.

How Quantum works

Low Bandwidth With
Input Only

Game clients only exchange input, distributed to the players at high frequencies through our Photon Cloud. Use webhooks to connect your backend or plugins to run server-side custom code.

How Quantum works

Delivers Extreme

Each component of Quantum’s ECS architecture provides the necessary performance to run even physics-intensive multiplayer games on PCs, consoles, VR and on mobile phones.

How Quantum works

Cheat Protection
by Design

Deterministic games inherently resist cheating. Combat cheaters through methods like replay validation or server referee simulations which is the most effective anti-cheat measure.

Quantum Feature Detail
Cross Platform Determinism

Simulations coded in Quantum do not have any dependencies on Unity and can run anywhere.

Quantum Feature Detail
Zero Lag E-Sport Grade

All local actions are executed with zero lag while remote inputs are predicted and rolled-back.

Quantum Feature Detail
Replays & Spectating

Replays can be stored on your backend or used in-game as e.g. kill cams. Spectating is build-in.

Quantum Feature Detail

Bots significantly impact multiplayer games by filling rooms and replacing departing players.

Stumble Guys was launched just six weeks after we started development… 32 players with full swing physics and bots on mobiles! It just worked!

Olli, Founder Kitka Games

Stumbleguys Character Stumbleguys Character Stumbleguys Character


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No Netcode Multiplayer.
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Deterministic Multiplayer Engine

Code in Quantum –
Render, Model & Animate
in Unity

  • Clear Separation of View and Simulation
  • Hyper-fast Deterministic Subsystems: Physics/Math, Pathfinding/Steering, ECS, Job System …
  • Only Input Matters:
    Network is Hidden for Developers
Quantum Stack
Quantum Performance

Quantum Delivers Extreme Performance

ECS Performance Architecture

Quantum’s architecture with a garbage collection free ECS (entity component system) provides the needed performance across platforms.


The simulation rate can be adjusted to find the perfect balance between gameplay and needed performance. Typical rates are 30Hz for mobile and 60 or higher on PC/consoles.

Predict, Roll Back and Re-Simulate

Quantum clients are predicting the inputs of other clients and are continuously rolling back and re-simulating with server-confirmed inputs.

for View Only

Unity is used for level design, and as the rendering layer for models, animation and UI. The simulation as provides the most accurate data, resulting in a zero lag gameplay experience.

Developer View:
One Simulation with Multiple Players

Developer View

No Netcode –
Multiplayer by Default

You have local access to the input of each player and can 100% concentrate on developing the simulation. Adding players to the simulation is like plugging a game controller. Multiplayer just works.

One Code Base for All Game Modes

You can utilize the same code base including AI/bots for all your game modes: single player, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.

Everything is 100% in Sync

Quantum’s deterministic subsystems guarantee that the simulations on each of the clients are always in sync and with no delay: physics, bots, pathfinding, animation.

Feature Rich Gameplay Engine

Built-in libraries for 2D and 3D Physics, Navmesh or Flowfield Pathfinding and avoidance, Bot/AI SDK with visual editor. All fast for prototyping, mature for production.

Network View:
Input is Exchanged Behind the Scenes

Network View

Input & Time Sync in Photon Cloud

Player’s inputs are sent to and then distributed via custom logic running on our global Photon Cloud. Our servers guaranteei a steady input stream and synchronized clock.

Based on Photon Realtime

Photon Realtime is our base technology that enables all Photon products by providing high-speed protocols, lobbies, matchmaking and a hyper-scalable rooms architecture.

Connect Backend with Webhooks

New for Quantum 3: webhooks for room control and fine grained validation of configuration and player data entries. Even full match replays can be sent turnkey to a configurable endpoint.

Cheat Protection by Design

Only inputs are exchanged, making quantum’s simulation authoritative, preventing player’s from tampering with the experience of others. New for Quantum 3: ehance safety with webhooks and server-provided replays.

They’ve taken sync/rollback concepts to the most advanced & performant extremes. Closest to "magic" I’ve seen.
Paul Bettner, CEO
(Age of Empires, Words with Friends, Wildcard Alliance)
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