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All applications run conveniently in the Photon Cloud.
Hosting, operations and scaling services are all cared for by us. You build it, we run it.


Photon PUBLIC Cloud for Gaming

20 CCU

Start on a free plan: perfect for evaluation and development.You can down- or upsize at any time as your app grows. Apps access worldwide for least ping.

100 CCU
$   95  
for 12 months
MORE …  
500 CCU
$   95  
per Month MORE …  
1,000 CCU
$   185  
per Month MORE …  
2,000 CCU
$   370  
per Month MORE …  

You can down- or upgrade your Photon plan at any time. Switching between Public-, Premium- and Enterprise Cloud is seamless and without any service interruption.

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Photon PREMIUM Cloud for Gaming


Our Worry-Free Service with Maximum Flexibility,
for up to 50,000 CCU

Per  CCU
Invoiced based on monthly usage.
$ 0.29  

Service levels with guaranteed response times, premium support by our operation specialists or our 24/7 NOC team are optionally available to Premium Cloud customers. Contacts us for details.

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Dedicated, Managed Cloud Environment for Multiple Unlimited CCU Titles.

  • Unlimited Titles
  • SLA (incl. Uptime and Response Time)
  • Priority Operations Support
  • 24/7 NOC Team
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Server Authoritative Logic via Plug-Ins
  • Premium Dashboard and Counters
  • Multi-layered DDoS Protection

Contact us for options and further details on enterprise plans.




The number of users allowed to connect to your application is defined by its CCU. For plans the CCU total is defined by the sum of peaks for all regions.

Sample Month: EU peak 420 CCU, US peak 230 CCU, Other regions 0 CCU — CCU total = 420 + 230 = 650, matching 1000 CCU subscription plan.

CCU Burst, Overage

Don't worry about losing users - we allow you to temporarily burst your agreed CCU limit and will simply bill this CCU overage with next month's invoice according to the fees set out in your subscription agreement. After your first burst you have 48 hours to upgrade your subscription plan before we, subject to our sole discretion, may cap your number of CCU to the agreed number.
For the CCU burst, the number of CCU is defined by the sum of CCU peaks over all connected regions.

Traffic Calculation

The included traffic depends on your subscription plan. All incoming and outgoing messages to the Photon Cloud servers count towards the traffic limit. Overage fees apply to traffic exceeding that limit.

Sample: 1000 CCU plan * 3 GB incl. per CCU = 3 TB included traffic.

One-Time Plans

One-time plans apply to one application and for 12 months, no recurring fees. You can add 100 CCU to any other existing monthly subscription plan, e.g. 100 + 500 = 600 CCU in total. Can be applied to an app only once at a time.

Monthly Active Users (MAU)

We assume, as rule of thumb and based on our experience, 1 CCU to match 20 daily active users (DAU). Each DAU translates to 20 monthly actives (MAU).

Down- and Upgrade at any Time

Downgrade and upgrade subscription plans at any time. Additional CCU are available immediately. Any fees paid but unused will be credited automatically. Termination takes effect at the end of the month.

Free Support

Comprehensive online docs, free samples, tutorials, video streams, assistance with non-technical issues like account activations, account management, billing and service status are free and included in all our plans.

Gaming Circle Premium Support

Gaming Circle is our premium development support program and includes direct chat support for all Photon products, exclusive samples, access to our Circle Discord pro community and much more. Read more here.


For optimum round-trip-times your application can connect the nearest region we host in. Choose from multiple regions around the globe.

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