適合 Unity 即時多人連線遊戲的點對點網路連線引擎。


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Perfect for FPS/TPS, Action Games
or Battle Royale


Build multiplayer games with a dedicated server architecture for Unity.
Find everything to build the next PUBG or Fortnite.


輕鬆開發適合 Unity 的多人玩家遊戲。最適合 Steam & 電腦。



如果您要開發的是主從式架構(Authoritative)遊戲,那就一定會喜歡上內建的 動作預測及延遲光線補償功能。這可是Bolt的獨家看門絕活呢。


如果您要開發的是主從式架構(Authoritative)遊戲,那就一定會喜歡上內建的 動作預測及延遲光線補償功能。這可是Bolt的獨家看門絕活呢。


BOLT 配備內建事件系統,可分配事件至正確的接收器,可高度及自動設定。 事件也可鎖定在特定遊戲物件或全域發生。 事件微調傳遞共分為三種模式:不可靠、不可靠同步及可靠。


BOLT 配備內建事件系統,可分配事件至正確的接收器,可高度及自動設定。 事件也可鎖定在特定遊戲物件或全域發生。 事件微調傳遞共分為三種模式:不可靠、不可靠同步及可靠。


自動複製遊戲物件轉換及使用者定義內容,無需任何代碼。 所有項目都透過視覺編輯器整齊存取,讓您詳盡地定義和自訂內容。

自動複製 Mecanim 動畫

自動複製 Mecanim 動畫
能經由網路自動複製 Mecanim 動畫。不需任何程式代碼的修改就能完美的同步所有角色動畫。

Prioritization and Scoping

Prioritization and Scoping
Bolt supports both scoping of entities (which entities should a player be aware of) and prioritization of scoped entities (of two entities A and B that are scoped, which one is the most important for a player).

Lag Compensation / Hitbox Recording

Lag Compensation / Hitbox Recording
Bolt has built-in support for recording hitboxes and rewinding and ray-casting against them, allowing you to implement complex techniques like lag compensation in first person shooters with just a few lines of code.

Dedicated Server & Listen Server

Dedicated Server & Listen Server
Bolt supports the classic DEDICATED SERVER and LISTEN SERVER where the server is just another player. Session discovery allows your game to automatically find servers running on a local LAN or WiFi.

Networked Scene Loading

Networked Scene Loading
Networked scene-loading gives you an easy way to load scenes in Unity over the network and assures that you know when all players are loaded into the map.


透過參數化搜尋或在遊戲中隨機配對玩家。 建立開放空間清單並讓玩家挑選。

Cloud Relay

Cloud Relay
No player will be left behind with Bolt's Cloud Relay.Whenever a game client cannot connect directly, the connection will be established seamlessly via the Cloud Relay. Guaranteed.

Direct IP Connection &
Server Orchestration

Direct IP Connection &
Server Orchestration

Bolt Pro additionally provides features such as direct IP connections, server orchestration via - or any other provider - and special licenses for offline installs, e.g. in arcades or casinos.


BOLT is the State-of-the-Art
Networking Solution for Unity

Build FPS, TPS and Action Games as
Dedicated Server Games.


Supported Platforms

BOLT desktop platforms BOLT mobile platorms BOLT augmented reality platforms BOLT special platform adapters

Special Adapters

Available for an access fee
(contact us by email)


The Perfect Engine for
Authoritative Server Games




Authoritative TPS/FPS
are the core target for BOLT.


Needs to be combined with an orchestration solution like Gamelift or Multiplay.


Battle Royale


Up to 40-50 players
this is out of the box.


Large player #s (> 50) are a challenge and require special skills with scoping.


Action Games


Authoritative action games
where the Unity Engine needs to
be available in the host.


It is worth to consider other architectures/approaches that make Unity on the server obsolete.


BOLT was inspired by several influential papers that has been written about online multiplayer (you can find a link to the papers in our documentation).

  • Tribes Networking
  • Halo Reach Networking
  • Source Engine Multiplayer Networking



Support of Four Main
Scenarios & Architectures


BOLT’s flexible architecture allows to build a variety of fast-paced game genres. Choose the architecture that fits best to your game and your requirements.


Dedicated Server


The server is dedicated and has a public IP (less connection problems with best security options).

BOLT Dedicated Server Architecture
  • Photon Cloud does not offer to host Unity Instances. Possible solutions are Gamelift (by Amazon), Multiplay (by Unity) or custom solutions.
  • Uses Unity on the server, potential stability / memory / CPU issues.
  • Best practice for Fortnite, Halo, …

Listen Server

or Client Hosted

One of the clients hosts the game, to minimize operational costs. Has its Pros and Cons.

BOLT Listen Server or Client Hosted Architecture
  • QoS may be a challenge: Host may drop-out (host migration)
  • Relayed clients have a 4 hops (client-relay-host => host-relay-client)
  • Professional solution is a dedicated server.

Two Player


Direct (p2p) connection with NAT punchthrough and a relay as fallback.

BOLT Peer-2-Peer Architecture
  • No host migration necessary. The game ends when one player drops.
  • Client cheat detection needed.

Local LAN / Wifi


A Listen Server for a LAN / Wifi with automatic host detection.

BOLT LAN and Wifi Architecture
  • Punch works.
  • Local connection = very low latency
  • Simple matchmaking



  • I got off to a rocky start with BOLT but after getting it working, I have to say BOLT is one of the smartest packages I have ever used.
  • BOLT does a great job in balancing ease of use with efficiency.
  • BOLT has saved us many hours and lots of money providing us with the ability to do authoritative servers, lag compensation, client side prediction and many other things!
  • Don’t waste your time, take a look, try it and you`ll never let it go ...
  • BOLT is hands down THE BEST networking tool you can use. End of review.
  • Works as described. Excellent support.