Synchronous Lockstep Multiplayer with Rollback- & Deterministic Physics-Engine for Unity

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Photon TrueSync Features

Get all features from Photon Unity Networking (PUN). Keep your game clients in sync easily and use rollbacks to restore game states.


TrueSync is based on a synchronous lockstep architecture with its own physics engine to keep a deterministic game state for Unity multiplayer games. All features from PUN are included.


Locally predict remote player’s input, rewind if the prediction was wrong, set a rollback window size to minimize lag. Backup and restore the game state for late game joins and re-connections of players.


Implementing determinism is pretty tough, but not with TrueSync's easy-to-use custom physics engine featuring multi-platform determinism, fixed-point math and seeded random numbers.

Support of 2D & 3D Games

TrueSync is great for 2-player action games or a RTS as its rollback engine makes it very easy to minimize lag. For games like an 8-player FPS or a VR game with continuous controls, PUN is the better option.

Matchmaking API

You match players into games randomly or by parameterized searches. Or you create a list of open rooms and let players pick one. It works. Reliably. On mobiles, PCs, Consoles and in the web.

All Unity Exports

Export to mobile, desktop, web or consoles: Photon is the standard cross-platform multiplayer service and the world's #1 for Unity games.

Client To Server

Photon powered game clients transmit billions of messages each hour through the Photon Cloud. Whether with Reliable UDP, TCP, HTTP or Websockets: Photon's high speed client to server-architecture is the game industry's most solid foundation for your title.

Realtime Cloud

TrueSync games are hosted in our globally distributed Photon Cloud. That guarantees you low latency and seamless scalability to any amount of concurrent users, wherever they are.

Worry-Free Pricing

Fair and Transparent: 100% usage based on a concurrent users (CCU) basis. Flexible: Start with a FREE plan, up- or downgrade at any time. Worry-free: no immediate cap when exceeding CCU with any monthly plan. Perfect for your game's launch.

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